Welcome to Storehouse North Down.

Having plenty of food in the cupboards is something we can easily take for granted. But what would happen if your salary stopped? You might last a few weeks, maybe even a few months – but then where would you turn?

For many people in our communities there is no answer.  Thousands live close to or at the edge of their finances. For many simply getting by is a struggle.  So when personal crisis hits – like redundancy, illness, homelessness, separation – finding the next meal can be virtually impossible.

Storehouse North Down exists, as a charity, to be a real answer for those families and individuals who have no safety net.

Storehouse North Down is supported by local churches, statutory and voluntary agencies, community groups, businesses and individuals to fight food poverty across Bangor, North Down and beyond.

We aim to help by providing emergency food hampers by referral from our partners.

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Storehouse North Down has moved to new premises on Balloo Drive

Storehouse North Down moved last week to new premises on Balloo Drive. Stocks of food had been run down slightly before the move but Storehouse is now fully in operation and would welcome increasing their stock of essential food for those in need in the area.

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100% of your donation goes to helping people in need.  Donate online now.

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